Notice:-  Ahmedabad BRTS is a bus rapid transit system Ahmedabad, India. It is operated by Ahmedabad Janmarg Limited, a subsidiary of Ahmedabad_Municipal_Corporation.

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Ahmedabad Janmarg Limited (AJL).

Public transportation solutions often get labelled either too expensive or too crowded. Any such label makes multiple sections of the society avoid the solution, with the result that the solution never becomes truly comprehensive.

From the point of view of traffic, routes and stations, the network for Ahmedabad´s BRTS was finalized after extensive study and research under the direction of CEPT University as the technical consultant. That further ensured that the project would create ease of movement for a huge number of people, across a wide array of neighborhoods with complex urban patterns.

Effectively, the BRTS has come to be widely accepted and made use of by practically everyone, no matter where they are in the socio-economic bracket. Shri Modi had insisted the project be titled "Janmarg" (meaning the route for the people) because he wanted the BRTS to be just that - the solution everyone wanted to embrace.

"As Shri Narendra Modi often points out, the BRTS is an intelligent solution in the true sense: technologically advanced, environmentally beneficial and financially viable."

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