Notice:-  Ahmedabad BRTS is a bus rapid transit system Ahmedabad, India. It is operated by Ahmedabad Janmarg Limited, a subsidiary of Ahmedabad_Municipal_Corporation.

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Ahmedabad Janmarg Limited (AJL).

The BRTS isn´t just a fleet of a few buses that are run using age-old practices. It is an extremely efficient transportation ecosystem that exploits data-driven technologies to optimally deploy buses over a complex, dedicated road network, backed by advanced tracking and information systems that enable real-time monitoring and decision-making.

It is a proven solution to the messy, congested traffic that plagues nearly every large city. What´s more, it is cost-effective to the operator and affordable to the end-user. These buses run on roads exclusively built for BRTS and get priority at traffic junctions where other traffic mingles with these buses.

Further, the movements and routes of these buses are tracked through a strong IT backbone. As a result, it´s a great deal easier to make changes, provide information in real-time and assist informed decisions at a strategic and operational level. Because it´s safe, affordable and reliable, the BRTS enjoys patronage from even those people who, till then, used a personal vehicle to move within the city. This is a huge plus for cities like Ahmedabad, where there is an average of 1 vehicle against every 3 citizens.

"As Shri Narendra Modi often points out, the BRTS is an intelligent solution in the true sense: technologically advanced, environmentally beneficial and financially viable."

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