Notice:-  Ahmedabad BRTS is a bus rapid transit system Ahmedabad, India. It is operated by Ahmedabad Janmarg Limited, a subsidiary of Ahmedabad_Municipal_Corporation.

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Ahmedabad Janmarg Limited (AJL).

Behind the smooth operations that carry over a hundred-thousand commuters daily, lies a silent, but extremely competent IT backbone. The umbrella system, called the ITMS (Intelligent Transport Management System), covers everything from fleet management and optimisation, delays and speeds of buses, to passenger information systems, depot management and a lot more.

All data is collected and collated at the Command Control Centre. Using advanced tools and calculations, this data is processed to understand the overall quality of operation. For instance, it will track if a particular driver is over-speeding and notify the driver through the display unit installed on every bus.

In addition to this granular level analysis, the information system carries out the analysis of the entire network. It checks whether the complete fleet of buses is optimally deployed, whether routes are being under-served, how traffic loads can be better addressed and so on. Along the way, it continually paves way for smarter and more robust automation processes to eliminate human errors

In January 2012, the Ahmedabad BRTS became the first bus system in India to replace paper tickets with contactless smartcards.

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